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05/17/23 10:53 AM #215    


James L. (Jim) Beasley (1967)

I guess I didn't dream it then!

05/18/23 10:10 AM #216    

Anthony N. Woloch (1972)

Great story Jerry!  I wonder whether or not Mr. Day had warned the pricipal, vice-principal, and/or resource police officer ahead of time.  They were much different times, reasons, and reactions for surprise loud bangs..  

Debra, your observation of Mr. Day's diesel engine powered car was also very interesting.and sparked a real or imagined similar memory with me.  Maybe it is because diesel-powered cars were a pretty rare site in Central Iowa back then, just like Pete TenPas' late 1950's BMW Isetta or Mr. Babcock's new Triumph sports car.  Did Mr. Day perhaps drive a Mercedes?  Being a chemistry teacher, he probably understood the diesel cycle of fuel/air combustion and its advantages over the Otto cycle.  

Sometime during 1969-1972 high school, some of my classmates and I had campaigned door-to-door for Mr. Day who was running for elected office.  We were transported to unfamiliar neighborhoods in Mr. Day's home district, talked with residents, and handed out printed information. 

It occurred for an unsucessful election to the State of Iowa legislature, so we can probably do the math to narrow down the possible year(s), backtracking from the Debra's aforementioned 1974 election. 

05/18/23 10:10 PM #217    

Jerry Stuckle (1970)


He was there during my sophomore year, 1967-69.  Don't know how much earlier he was there.

And there was no school resource officer at the time.  We didn't need one. Mr. Watt was our principal.

05/19/23 11:53 AM #218    


James L. (Jim) Beasley (1967)

Roy (?) Peterson was our Principal.  Mike Connelly might remember a meeting we had with him the morning after a wrestling meet at Saydel, at which some members of the Urbandale football team made an impression.   cool

05/21/23 09:20 PM #219    

Anthony N. Woloch (1972)

Thank you for your comment Jerry.

I think we got a school resource office sometime during my senior year 1971-1972.  I did not find out till I read about it and saw a photo of the officer in our 1972 Echo Yearbook.

05/21/23 09:23 PM #220    

Anthony N. Woloch (1972)

Mr. Ernest Doringsfield? was our pricipal and Mr. Long was our Vice Principal at UHS ("Go Blue Jays!".  Both have since passed on.

05/23/23 11:10 AM #221    


James L. (Jim) Beasley (1967)

Senior year . . . I had the required credits for graduation out of the way, but wanted to stick around for, let's see, oh yeah, Football, Basketball, Golf and Baseball.

I took classes like shop (Mr. Hand), typing and Home Ec (Brain fart, can't remember), stuff like that.

As president of the Student Council, I pretty much had an excuse to go wherever and do whatever.  It was normally to the audio/visual closet, to watch game films with Rich Custer or Steve Winfrey or Gary Hintz.

After a year off from serious studying, my first quarter at Iowa State was a shock.  That's when they liked to thin out the herd.

05/27/23 11:53 AM #222    

Anthony N. Woloch (1972)

In the Fall of 1972, the Mechanical Engineering Department at Iowa State University said its ME Department had about a 60% attrition rate for aspiring freshmen (i.e., 40% survival rate).. 

05/28/23 10:11 AM #223    


James L. (Jim) Beasley (1967)

I started in ME, and taking a year off from serious study did me in the first 1/4.  I went to I Ad, and finished in I Ad/Econ.  Then I did a bit of Graduate work in Labor Relations.

In the early 70's Iowa State had some very prominent people in Politcal Science, Law, Economics and Labor Relations.

The Business College at Iowa State is now one of the best in the Nation.


08/31/23 02:56 PM #224    

Lyanna Kroloff (Lindgren) (1974)

CLASS OF '74     50 YEAR CLASS REUNION - SAVE THE DATE - September 13, 2024 - September 15, 2024.  I believe this is the weekend after the Iowa/Iowa State Football game.  We may do a get together during the 4th of July, 2024, will keep you posted.  More info to come.  Just wanted to get the date out so those of you attending can make plans.  Friday night get together, Saturday opportunities (golf, of course), Saturday evening special reunion dinner.  Until we get a page set up, you can email me at  Hope to see you there. I'll contact our committee members to get things started.  We have many new members.  

09/12/23 10:49 AM #225    


James L. (Jim) Beasley (1967)

Lazard looked good in his new home, New York.

Another Cyclone, Breece Hall, did, too.

Great Game, one of many opening week!!!!  Not the week to be a top-tier QB!!!!

09/22/23 02:10 PM #226    


James L. (Jim) Beasley (1967)

It just occurred to me that, if I'm not mistaken, Coach Frerichs was undefeated , at least in Conference play, in his first two head coaching postitions.

#1 was the baseball team in the Summer of '67.  We were undefeated in Conference, and I only remember losing to Newton and then Saydel in District.

#2 was the football team in the Fall of '67.

09/23/23 10:26 AM #227    

Anthony N. Woloch (1972)

Great UHS teams and coach.  Congratulations!

09/23/23 01:19 PM #228    

Michael Connelly (1968)

Yes Jim, you are correct. Went 8-0 in football, played each Suburban Conference team twice and also beat Fort Dodge St. Edmunds and Indianola.  What's really cool is that our Freshman team, coached by Frerichs, beat Dowling for the first time ever. 7-6, at Dowling.  Dowling also had an undefeated football team the same year we did!

09/24/23 10:48 AM #229    


James L. (Jim) Beasley (1967)

Maybe we can replay Johnston, Carlisle, and Saydel from '66!!!!  We were better than each of them, but failed to perform.  I still feel bad that we let Coach down, because it was not his fault.

Baseball was another matter, and we overachieved.  Hintz and Oppedal were awesome on the mound.

Trying to guess the lineup:

Halverson behind the plate, You (Connelly) at first, Hansen at second, Robbie Simmons at shortstop, ? at 3rd, Me in left field, maybe Danny Christianson in Center, ? in Right.



09/25/23 03:35 PM #230    


James L. (Jim) Beasley (1967)

Tim Lyons said Tim Lyons played 3rd!

10/10/23 12:28 PM #231    


James L. (Jim) Beasley (1967)

I'm amazed at how many are on the "missing" list.

11/10/23 09:58 AM #232    


James L. (Jim) Beasley (1967)

Check out 2013:

Oh yeah, I'm still living the dream . . . golf course, lake, beach . . . . . 



01/12/24 11:42 AM #233    

Connie Jean Kelley (1974)

SAVE THE DATE & SHARE with UHS Class of ’74 Alumni and Friends!

Come enjoy a blast from the past. Reminisce with us and guess who’s who. Yes, it's reunion time again, and this one promises to break all records. It won’t be the same without you, so save the date for our UHS Class of ’74 50th Reunion!

Dates: September 13-15, 2024
Accommodations: Sheraton West Des Moines* (see below for details)
                           1800 50th St, West Des Moines, IA 50266

Welcome Friday:   Tavern Pizza & Pasta Grill
                       1755 50th St, West Des Moines, IA 50266
Saturday Tee Off: Golf Outing (course TBD)
Fun Day Saturday: UHS and What’s new in Urbandale tour
                          Meet up coffees or lunches
Saturday Evening: Dinner, Program & Music (turn back the clock, recapture the magic)
Goodbye Sunday:   Brunch (TBD)

Wait there is more – an extra opportunity! An alumni float will highlight our class during the 4th of July Urbandale Parade. Please come if interested in participating. 

For further information please contact Lyanna at  More details to come. Can’t wait to see you all on September 13-15!

Follow us on social media
Urbandale Alumni Association

Sheraton West Des Moines Hotel UHS Class of ’74 group rate for $129 USD, plus tax per night. Rate includes 48-hour Individual Guest Room Cancellation and Standard Guest Room Wi-Fi. Last day to book for group rate is August 23, 2024. Identify yourself as part of UHS Class of ’74 Reunion when calling 1-888-627-8043.

05/02/24 09:58 PM #234    

Curtis D Harvey (1965)

Hello Fellow Alumni

I do not normally post but I just wanted to say a feww words about my very close friend Terry Steen. In the class of 1965 we had a lot of atthletes that were involved in more than one sport -- we were a very small school back then -- and Terry was one of the best. Our football quarterback, a wrestler and our outstanding pitcher. After high school Terry decided to go to college where he was a terrific pitcher and had a great professional future as a possibility but unfortunately the Vietnam Conflict claimed him. In the service he was a Ranger and it affected him deeply. The last years of his life he would talk about high school and sports and his teammates, then morph into Vietnam, then college sports, then morph back into Vietnam. The best and the worst. But every conversation would end with him expressing how proud he was of his daughters. He passed away in AprilI will miss him greatly...Rest In Peace My Brother From Another Mother

Curt Harvey

05/03/24 10:53 AM #235    


James L. (Jim) Beasley (1967)

RIP Terry.

I'm sorry to hear of his troubles.

I have mentioned him, how I missed the opportunity to have him ptich for Urbandale my sophomore year because he opted to play in another organized league.   That opened up opportunities for Oppehal, Hintz, and myself as the third in rotation.  I believe I was there only because Terry was not.

I did not realize he QBed before Hansen.



05/03/24 10:57 AM #236    

Robert L. (Tip) Chase (1966)

Terry was my close neighbor on 68th Street and I was his catcher.  The boy sure could pitch.


05/04/24 10:33 AM #237    


James L. (Jim) Beasley (1967)


Who all was on the baseball team your junior year?  I'm picturing Wathen, Keane, Kessinger . . . . Were you catching for Oppedal and Hintz?

& at Drake, were you close to Maury John and the '69 basketball team?

05/05/24 03:48 PM #238    

Michael Connelly (1968)

Mark Boals also caught him.

05/06/24 09:51 AM #239    


James L. (Jim) Beasley (1967)

I'm fuzzy on my sophomore year, what seniors played baseball.  Seniors would have been Steen, Boals, Steve Berrier, Doug Graham, and others. . . . Since it was summer ball, it would have been after they graduated.  I can remember juniors, but not seniors.

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