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11/07/22 05:47 PM #190    

Anthony N. Woloch (1972)

Congratulations Mike Connely!

Your entry into the UHS Athletic Hall of Fame is well deserved.

Way to go Jim for your advocacy on Mike's behalf.

Thank you William Watts for helping get this done. 


Anthony N. Woloch

UHS Class of 1972




11/07/22 05:48 PM #191    

Anthony N. Woloch (1972)

correction:  William R. Watson

11/07/22 06:32 PM #192    


James L. (Jim) Beasley (1967)

I don't know if you saw my last comment, but I said a person who is responsible for 17 personal and team records that are still standing after more than 50 years ought to be in the Hall of Fame.
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Sent: Mon, Nov 7, 2022 2:56 pm
Subject: Re: Mike Connelly Should Be in The Urbandale Hall of Fame

I have added Mike onto the Hall of Fame listing (link deleted)  I see there are a few others that we have missed as well.  I'll work to get those updated yet today or possibly tomorrow.
Thank you for bringing this to my attention.  I'm sorry he was not included originally.
Stadium Manager, Urbandale Community School District
7111 Aurora Avenue, Urbandale, IA 50322
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11/08/22 10:15 AM #193    

Michael Connelly (1968)

Thank you, Jim Beasley and Tim Lyons for thinking of me.  It is very much appreciated.  As they say, better late than never!!!  Thanks again!



11/08/22 06:46 PM #194    


James L. (Jim) Beasley (1967)

Where's my hundred bucks.  cool

11/09/22 10:45 AM #195    

Michael Connelly (1968)

In the mail?

11/10/22 11:27 AM #196    


James L. (Jim) Beasley (1967)

Missouri or Florida?

As to my original thought about your not being in the Hall of Fame, "I can't believe that someone who still holds 17 individual and team records after more than 50 years is not in the Hall of Fame", actually that is correct.  Well. not correct as in that's how it oughta be, but as in that's how it is.

A person has to be on a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd All-State team in order to be in the Hall of Fame.

I guess that means that 9 letters, two All-Conference honors, one All-District honor and one Conference Medalist doesn't cut it.  So, I'll just take my ball and go home.

Anymore, I can't play basketball, football, or baseball, but I still play golf, so Burgett was wrong about my not doing Track in the Spring.




11/11/22 11:54 AM #197    

Michael Connelly (1968)

Jim-Coach Burgertt was right, you were faster than a ring tailed cooter!  The Bluejay golf team was fortunate to get you!!!

11/12/22 10:29 AM #198    


James L. (Jim) Beasley (1967)

Coach never said I was fast; he said I had good hands.  A couple years later Johnny Majors said "Beasley, you're not fast enough for my team."  He was correct.

Scott Springer was our best golfer, and took us to State his Senior year; Rich Custer was our Senior year.  Not going out for Track was the only thing Rich did that Coach did not like.

The golf team was a lot of fun.  One meet Vance Cook and I missed the ride to Woodside, way over on 2nd Ave north of I-80, so he and I went on my Yamaha 80, carrying our bags.  We were really stupid.


12/25/22 10:01 AM #199    


James L. (Jim) Beasley (1967)

Update on our Florida house and Hurricane Ian:

We were at our Missouri house on Table Rock Lake when Ian went through our Florida area on September 28.  When utilities got reconnected, I headed back down on October 21, with lots of equipment to clean up our property.  I made in 15 miles in Missouri, hit a deer, and totaled our SUV.

It took from then until the first of December to get the insurance settlement-ish, get a replacement vehicle (200 miles away in Tulsa), get the title sent to us in Florida, and get it registered, December 22.

The good news is that when I got back to our Missouri house on October 21, the phone rang, and a church group from Peachtree City, GA, wanted to know if we still needed our property cleaned up.  After service that Sunday morning they showed up with chainsaws, a mini excavator, and a crew of workers, and did in 2 or 3 hours what I could not have.  They facetimed us around the property before and after.

When we got here last week, our house was the onlyn one on the block that had all the debris hauled away.

Our Snowbird friends came down before us and fixed a few things that still needed fixing, and I'm still working on them.  It's still a mess down here, and a lot of what used to be here is gone all around us.



12/26/22 10:25 AM #200    

Anthony N. Woloch (1972)

Thank goodness for good people doing good works for you Jim in your time of need.

12/26/22 02:32 PM #201    

Michael Connelly (1968)

That's a lot to go through Jim, hopefully it's all in the past and you can look forward to a Happy New Year!!!

12/30/22 01:08 PM #202    


James L. (Jim) Beasley (1967)

80° and I am feeling better!  cool


12/30/22 01:14 PM #203    


James L. (Jim) Beasley (1967)

If I have not mentioned it already, Mike is still the second leading career rebounder in Class 3A:

Class 3A

Art Sathoff Iowa Falls 1984 488

Mike Connelly Urbandale 1968 457

He also had 31 rebounds in a game in 1968.  A friend of mine, Lloyd Thornburg of Pleasantville, had 32 in 1966.


01/17/23 09:53 AM #204    


James L. (Jim) Beasley (1967)

Piecing some things together, here is where Scott Springer played in the Iowa Masters in 1966, and I caddied for him:

Iowa Masters History
1966 Tournament

T10 Springer, Scott Urbandale
74/74/75: 223

03/07/23 08:03 AM #205    


James L. (Jim) Beasley (1967)

I'm sorry I can't find the post, but for whoever mentioned the Weston WannaB Inn on Manasota Key/Englewood Beach, it has been closed since Hurricane Ian, September 28, 2022, more than five months now.  They have been doing bajillions of dollars of work on the place, and we just noticed their new sign says Manasota Key Resort.

There's still a lot of recovery to be done in SW FL, mostly Fort Myers Beach to Venice.  Englewood was hit very hard, and dozerns of structures are gone.  I was "watching" from afar, on, and the wind speed at our house was 140 mph.  Our wind was from the north, the "dirty" side, so although we did not get storm surge, everything is leaning to the south.  If you do not know where you were going, it is hard to get around because so many street signs, traffic signs, and street lights are still down.

FEMA trailers are just recently getting deployed, and most of them are still in storage lots.  FEMA has put some victims in resorts.

Fort Myers Beach will never be the same.  I first visited in 1976, and decided I would live here some day.  Five years from now it will be "mid-rise", corporate resorts, another playground for the well-to-do.  It has been a place for the common-folks.

Now we're having the worst Red Tide ever, so beach-going and boating are out.

04/07/23 05:59 PM #206    


James L. (Jim) Beasley (1967)

Rebounding Leaders
31 -- Mike Connelly, Urbandale (v. ????, 1968)

457 -- Mike Connelly, Urbandale (1968)

844 -- Mike Connelly, Urbandale (1965-68)

05/14/23 11:46 AM #207    


James L. (Jim) Beasley (1967)

Anyone remember the chemistry teacher in the mid 60's?

I believe his name was Charles Day, but I'm not finding a record of him?


05/15/23 08:29 AM #208    

Jack W. Gowan (1981)

Jim, I'm not sure when he started, but Charles Day was a science teacher when I was there (77-81). I beleive he was there when my sister (76) was, too. I think he was old enough to have been there in the '60's.

05/15/23 08:44 AM #209    

Debra June Betz (Ciskey) (1975)

Mr. Day was the Chemistry teacher..  He ran for the state legislature, unsuccessfully, in 1974. I had him for Chemistry that year and worked on his campaign, stuffing envelopes and the like. Perhaps someone with older yearbooks could take a peek to see how far back he goes. 

05/15/23 11:09 AM #210    

Michael Connelly (1968)


Charles Day it was 

05/15/23 01:30 PM #211    

Anthony N. Woloch (1972)

Mr. Charles Day was my chemistry teacher during my sophomore year (1969 - 1970) and my advanced chemistry teacher during my junior year (1970 - 1971) at UHS.  He wore a long white lab coat in class.  His classes were not only educational but fun, including the memorable 2 fruit fly (male & female) experiment put in a test tube filled with banana auger nourishment.  Thank you Mr. Day!..  .

05/15/23 02:52 PM #212    


James L. (Jim) Beasley (1967)

OK, my little geeky side.

Mr. Day had another job, for a company downtown.  Something chemistry related.  I had an ongoing Science Fair project in his lab there, and I would go there in the evenings.  I'm not sure how I had time to do all the things I did.

The project had to do with converting the condensation from cooling plants, like on the roofs of downtown buildings, to hydrochloric acid.

Or, I just dreamed that I did that!!!!!



05/16/23 10:14 AM #213    

Debra June Betz (Ciskey) (1975)

Mr. Day drove a car that had a diesel engine. My dad pointed that out to me when Mr. Day stopped by our home one Saturday to drop off yard signs to distribute for his campaign.  I really don't know what make it was but it might have been but I remember it was an import. 

05/16/23 03:37 PM #214    

Jerry Stuckle (1970)

Yes, it was Charles Day.  And he was running for state legislature in the 60's, also.

I still remmeber the first day of class where he would have a battery connected to a couple of electrodes immersed in a tray of soapy water.  This caused electrolosys, which resulted in bubbles of oxygen and hydrogen forming on the surface.  He used a meter stick with a spoon attached to scoop up a small amount of suds and hold them over a bunsen burner. 

The resultant bank could be heard well down the hall, even with the classroom doors closed.  I wonder how the biology class reacted - they were in the next room with a small connecting room that contained the chemicals used in the classes. :)

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