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10/04/22 02:12 PM #176    


James L. (Jim) Beasley (1967)

Hurricane Ian:

We got the clean side at our Englewood, FL Winter home.  No storm surge and no flooding.  Lotsa trees down, and they all missed our house and outbuildings. No electricity, no water or sewers, no gas stations, no internet, spotty cell service.


10/05/22 02:16 PM #177    

Anthony N. Woloch (1972)

Glad you are ok Jim.  Hope things get better for you soon!

10/12/22 10:17 PM #178    

Jerry Stuckle (1970)

Glad to hear you didn't have any significant damage, Jim.  I was worried after hearing of the other damage in Englewood.  That's a pretty area.  Wish I could convince my wife to retire down there.  Spent a lot of Christmases with my parents at Weston's Resort (now the WannaB Inn) and loved every minute.

10/13/22 11:09 AM #179    


James L. (Jim) Beasley (1967)


We're going down the last week of October to do cleanup.

I reached out to a fraternity brother on Sanibel and he said "both" his "houses" are still standing, but he was worried about his "boat company" in Cape Coral.

We're not in the same tax bracket. 

Two roads diverged in the woods and I, I took the one less traveled by.

And that has made all the difference.


11/04/22 09:28 AM #180    


James L. (Jim) Beasley (1967)

Could it still be true that Mike Connelly holds 10 Urbandale Basketball records, but is not in the Hall of Fame?



11/05/22 08:35 AM #181    

Valerie R. De Hart (Baker) (1977)

Debora Holmes, I believe the Creative Writing teacher you were asking about is John Cederquist? He was an amazing teacher, and I'm sure he had a lasting influence on many of his students!

11/05/22 12:19 PM #182    

Michael Connelly (1968)

Hey Jim....thanks.  Apparently it was an oversight that was never corrected.  Coach DeWitt and Coach Page told me they were trying to find an appropriate picture to use and then nothing.  Must admit, it has always bothered me a bit.

11/06/22 11:12 AM #183    


James L. (Jim) Beasley (1967)

Well, as best as I can tell, the contact for the Hall of Fame is


Surely someone who still holds ten records after 54 years, plus all the other accomplishments Mike did, should be in the Hall of Fame.

I am going to start by sending this discussion.


11/06/22 12:38 PM #184    


James L. (Jim) Beasley (1967)

Mike said he'd send me a hundred bucks if I got this done.
Jim Beasley

-----Original Message-----
Cc: 'Andrew Olson' <>
Sent: Sun, Nov 6, 2022 11:08 am
Subject: RE: Mike Connelly Should Be in The Urbandale Hall of Fame

You are correct – he should be on the Hall of Fame listing based upon making 3rd Team All-State.
Thanks for sending this our way.  We will get this updated this week.
William R. Watson, Ph.D., CAA
Director of Activities and Community Education
Urbandale Community School District
7111 Aurora Avenue
Urbandale, Iowa  50322
Phone:  (515) 457-6994
FAX:  (515) 457-6949

11/06/22 04:08 PM #185    


Debora Holmes (1978)

Valerie R. De Hart (Baker), thank you ever so much for taking the time to reach out! I have now located Mr. Cederquist's whereabouts at the University of Utah (retired). I may try to contact him through that University. Thanks again!! Debora

11/07/22 08:05 AM #186    

Valerie R. De Hart (Baker) (1977)

You're very welcome, Debora Holmes. Good luck!

11/07/22 11:29 AM #187    


Timothy J. Lyons (1968)

Mike was the best basketball player in the State our Senior year.
Let's get Mike into UHS Hall of Fame.

11/07/22 11:29 AM #188    


James L. (Jim) Beasley (1967)

A little more about Mike Connelly . . . If I counted right, there are stiill 17 Urbandale individual and team records attributed to Mike standing for 1965-68, after more than 50 years.  With all the great athletes that have come since, that's hard to believe.  You can find basketball records here: 

11/07/22 04:13 PM #189    

Anthony N. Woloch (1972)

Well deserved.

Congratulations Mike?

Well done James.


11/07/22 06:47 PM #190    

Anthony N. Woloch (1972)

Congratulations Mike Connely!

Your entry into the UHS Athletic Hall of Fame is well deserved.

Way to go Jim for your advocacy on Mike's behalf.

Thank you William Watts for helping get this done. 


Anthony N. Woloch

UHS Class of 1972




11/07/22 06:48 PM #191    

Anthony N. Woloch (1972)

correction:  William R. Watson

11/07/22 07:32 PM #192    


James L. (Jim) Beasley (1967)

I don't know if you saw my last comment, but I said a person who is responsible for 17 personal and team records that are still standing after more than 50 years ought to be in the Hall of Fame.
-----Original Message-----
From: Andrew Olson <>
Sent: Mon, Nov 7, 2022 2:56 pm
Subject: Re: Mike Connelly Should Be in The Urbandale Hall of Fame

I have added Mike onto the Hall of Fame listing (link deleted)  I see there are a few others that we have missed as well.  I'll work to get those updated yet today or possibly tomorrow.
Thank you for bringing this to my attention.  I'm sorry he was not included originally.
Stadium Manager, Urbandale Community School District
7111 Aurora Avenue, Urbandale, IA 50322
Direct: (515) 457-6937   |   Office: (515) 457-6945   |   Fax: 515-457-

11/08/22 11:15 AM #193    

Michael Connelly (1968)

Thank you, Jim Beasley and Tim Lyons for thinking of me.  It is very much appreciated.  As they say, better late than never!!!  Thanks again!



11/08/22 07:46 PM #194    


James L. (Jim) Beasley (1967)

Where's my hundred bucks.  cool

11/09/22 11:45 AM #195    

Michael Connelly (1968)

In the mail?

11/10/22 12:27 PM #196    


James L. (Jim) Beasley (1967)

Missouri or Florida?

As to my original thought about your not being in the Hall of Fame, "I can't believe that someone who still holds 17 individual and team records after more than 50 years is not in the Hall of Fame", actually that is correct.  Well. not correct as in that's how it oughta be, but as in that's how it is.

A person has to be on a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd All-State team in order to be in the Hall of Fame.

I guess that means that 9 letters, two All-Conference honors, one All-District honor and one Conference Medalist doesn't cut it.  So, I'll just take my ball and go home.

Anymore, I can't play basketball, football, or baseball, but I still play golf, so Burgett was wrong about my not doing Track in the Spring.




11/11/22 12:54 PM #197    

Michael Connelly (1968)

Jim-Coach Burgertt was right, you were faster than a ring tailed cooter!  The Bluejay golf team was fortunate to get you!!!

11/12/22 11:29 AM #198    


James L. (Jim) Beasley (1967)

Coach never said I was fast; he said I had good hands.  A couple years later Johnny Majors said "Beasley, you're not fast enough for my team."  He was correct.

Scott Springer was our best golfer, and took us to State his Senior year; Rich Custer was our Senior year.  Not going out for Track was the only thing Rich did that Coach did not like.

The golf team was a lot of fun.  One meet Vance Cook and I missed the ride to Woodside, way over on 2nd Ave north of I-80, so he and I went on my Yamaha 80, carrying our bags.  We were really stupid.


12/25/22 11:01 AM #199    


James L. (Jim) Beasley (1967)

Update on our Florida house and Hurricane Ian:

We were at our Missouri house on Table Rock Lake when Ian went through our Florida area on September 28.  When utilities got reconnected, I headed back down on October 21, with lots of equipment to clean up our property.  I made in 15 miles in Missouri, hit a deer, and totaled our SUV.

It took from then until the first of December to get the insurance settlement-ish, get a replacement vehicle (200 miles away in Tulsa), get the title sent to us in Florida, and get it registered, December 22.

The good news is that when I got back to our Missouri house on October 21, the phone rang, and a church group from Peachtree City, GA, wanted to know if we still needed our property cleaned up.  After service that Sunday morning they showed up with chainsaws, a mini excavator, and a crew of workers, and did in 2 or 3 hours what I could not have.  They facetimed us around the property before and after.

When we got here last week, our house was the onlyn one on the block that had all the debris hauled away.

Our Snowbird friends came down before us and fixed a few things that still needed fixing, and I'm still working on them.  It's still a mess down here, and a lot of what used to be here is gone all around us.



12/26/22 11:25 AM #200    

Anthony N. Woloch (1972)

Thank goodness for good people doing good works for you Jim in your time of need.

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