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11/08/21 06:36 AM #109    


James L. (Jim) Beasley (1967)

Lazard was open all game against the Chiefs, got targeted once, and scored.

11/10/21 06:18 PM #110    

Jerry Stuckle (1970)

Thank you, Jim.  I didn't realize he was an Urbandale alumni.  That's great!

11/11/21 10:20 AM #111    


James L. (Jim) Beasley (1967)

From the Urbandale Hall of Fame::

Lazard, Allen Boys Basketball 2014

Lazard, Allen Boys Track 2014

Lazard, Allen Football 2014

2013 - Elite All-State

2012 - Elite All-State

2011 - Elite All-State


Yards Receiving


Allen Lazard



TD Passes Caught


Allen Lazard


More Football stuff:

Sad that he has now gotten involved in the Rodgers deal.

To my original point, if the Packers will target him more, they will be happy.

11/11/21 06:06 PM #112    

Thomas D. Brackett (1968)

hey Jim, the one pass Allan caught sure was pretty, Hope the Pack can bounce back on Sunday!

11/20/21 07:24 AM #113    


James L. (Jim) Beasley (1967)

More Senior musings . . . . . . 

Regarding post #108, I believe the debt I owe is to Larry Ackerman.

- - - - - - 

New musings . . . .

I don't know how it is now, but back in the day we had Summer baseball, so you could be a four sports patricipant, and you could earn as many as 12 letters.  Of course, the key to that was to letter in baseball, and three other sports.

So, it was Football or Cross Country in the Fall, Basketball or Wrestling in the Winter, Track or Golf in the Spring, and Baseball in the summer.  Most would opt for Track in the Spring, because Coach Burgett (Football and Wrestling) preferred that, but for those who made a fool of themselves at the first indoor track meet, Golf was their Spring sport.

Several lettered in four sports, but not many lettered in four sports all three years.  Mike Connelly might have; I don't know if he got enough football playing time his Sophomore year because he was behind Jim Keane and Bob Wedemeyer, and I didn't follow Track that closely. Maybe Tom Hansen.

Four sports athletes:  Mike Connelly, Eric Blockus, Gary Hintz, Mark Oppedal, Dave Halverson, Tom Hansen, myself, and ????? (anyone want to add names?)

Our Golf team was Conference Champions in the Spring of '67, playing in a freezing rain storm.  We won by one stroke, decided by the last putt on the last hole.  Class of '67 members of the team were Rich Custer #1, myself #2, Tom Marion, and Vance Cook (at least that's my memory of it).  Class of '68, Don Cracraft, was on the team, and we ran around together a lot the Summer of '67.

I'm sure Rich Custer lettered three years in Football.  I doubt that he ever weighed as much as 150#, but was the center on the Football team, and wrestled.

12/26/21 04:12 AM #114    


James L. (Jim) Beasley (1967)

Lazard was in the spotlight again, catching Rodger's record- breaking TD Pass.  He's fitting in really well, but should be targeted more.  That would help Davonte Adams, and make the Packers receiver corps unstoppable.

Even so, they could easily have lost to the Browns.

01/22/22 10:04 AM #115    


James L. (Jim) Beasley (1967)

May be an image of 1 person, nature and body of water

Gosh, how I miss Iowa in the Winter!!!!


01/24/22 11:40 AM #116    


James L. (Jim) Beasley (1967)

Once again Lazard goes untargeted, and thus . . . . . 

04/01/22 06:50 PM #117    


James L. (Jim) Beasley (1967)

Back to the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt, only in Missouri . . . . My wife is POA for her elderly Aunt, and I get to do all the work.  I noticed her Aunt's name on Missouri Unclaimed Property, and I jumped through all the hoops to collect it . . . . over $4000.  I won't say what I said when I opened that envelope.

Of course, that won't cover two months in the nursing home, but it helps.

Then I noticed the Aunt's deceased husband and son on the list with 11 items of unclaimed property.  Making the claim for those involved a whole more hoops to jump through, but I got it done.  Now we're waiting for the results, which we have no idea what it will be.

07/01/22 08:15 AM #118    


James L. (Jim) Beasley (1967)

Sorting through clutter, my wife found an R&T article from the Summer of '67, the Urbandale Baseball players on the All Conference Team.  It was Coach Frerichs first Head Coaching job, and we were undefeated in Conference play.  I'll see if I can scan and attach it.

Everyone have a Happy 4th!!!!


07/01/22 08:29 AM #119    


James L. (Jim) Beasley (1967)

I can't see how to post a file.  Any help?

07/01/22 04:38 PM #120    

Stephen Arthur Chapman (1959)

Jim, you just posted that you didn't know how to post, so that is how you do it. Just go to your page and type just like you did before. You're better than you thought you were.

From Mrs Steve Chapman (Sandy)

07/01/22 07:33 PM #121    


James L. (Jim) Beasley (1967)

What I want to post is the R&T article that I scanned and saved to My Documents.  It would be an attachment, but I don't see any of those buttons that do that.  Link is normally for a web address.

Did I say that right?

Not that I'm knocking things, because I appreciate the effort that's been made here, but I have been using Vbulletin format Internet forums for more than 20 years, and this format is awkward.

Well, the first carload of 4th of July guests has arrived, so the holiday weekend is on.  They all went down to the dock to swim as I was coming up.



07/02/22 01:14 PM #122    

Jonathan Koele (2013)

You can attach a picture. The button looks like a couple of mountains and the sun. 

07/02/22 02:02 PM #123    


James L. (Jim) Beasley (1967)

Thanks, good try, about what I would have guessed, but that is not to attach/upload a file.  It is to attach an image, and needs a source URL.

So, how about it site administrator(s), how can I attach a file from My Documents?

Thanks, back to the lake now.

May The Fourth Be With You



07/02/22 09:15 PM #124    

Linda Biermann (Hoobin) (1973)

Jim, You can send the file to  and I will see what I can do.  Thanks!

Linda Biermann Hoobin

07/03/22 01:08 PM #125    

Linda Biermann (Hoobin) (1973)

From Jim Beasley Class of 1967: From the Des Moines Register and Tribune 1967


Urbandale Places Six On All-Unit 

Urbandale, which won the Suburban Conference baseball title with an 11-0 mark, placed six players on the 12-man, All Suburban Conference team selected by the coaches. * Pitcher Mark Oppedal, who had a 6-0 record, was a unan imous choice. He hurled two no-hitters and struck out 73 in 6013 innings.  Oppedal also had four shut outs. He walked only seven and finished the season with a 0.25 earned run average. He allowed only six runs during the season. 

Teammate Gary Hintz took the other pitching post. Hintz led Urbandale in hitting with a .405 average. Robbie Sim mons, another Urbandale player, batted .400. - Ankeny, Carlisle and Saydel each placed two boys on the first team. 

FIRST TEAM P---Mark Oppedal, Urbandale, Gary Hintz, Urbandale F, Gary Rothfus, Carlisle F, Jim Beasley, Urbandale OF, Danny Christensen, Urbandale OF, Rick Hornberg, Ankeny C, Rich Kozeliski, Saydel IF Mike Connelly, Urbandale IF, Robbie Simmons, Urbandale IF, Bob Darr, Carlisle IF, Ron Longnecker, Ankeny IF, Tom Hughes, Saydel

SECOND TEAM Tom Smith, Carlisle P-Mike Miller, Johnston P-Nito Basquez, Sayde! OF_John Sims, Johnston OF--Terry Rice, Saydel OF-Don Owens, North Polk OF-Gary Johnston, Carlisle C Gary Sinclair, Carlisle IF Jeff Simpson, Johnston IF-Pete Griffin, Southeast Polk Tom Hansen, Urbandale IF-Ronnie Wycoff, Carlisle IFMich Albaugh, Ankeny 

HONORABLE MENTION Dave Halverson, Urbandale; Larry Wurst, Saydel; Giovingo, Saydel; 1 Mike Murphy, North Polk; John Turpin, Johnston; Tim Lyons, Urbandale; Steve Fausch, Ankeny; Rich Reames, Johnston; Ken Murphy. Ankeny; Bob Bergrem, North Polk,  Tom Thomas, Southeast Polk; Mark Logli, Ankeny; Danny Sharp, Saydel; Jerry Manning, Saydel. 

07/04/22 03:46 PM #126    


James L. (Jim) Beasley (1967)

Thanks for getting it posted, but it's more impressive in the "Big Peach" newspaper format.  wink

Oh. if it's not still called that, the R&T's Sunday Register Sports sections used to be called the Big Peach.


07/05/22 09:31 AM #127    

Jack W. Gowan (1981)

Jim, I just looked it up online. It said they quit printing the daily sports section on peach paper in 1981 and the Sunday Big Peach in 1999.

07/05/22 09:34 AM #128    

Anthony N. Woloch (1972)

Congratulation to the very impressive 1967 UHS Boys Baseball Team and Coach Frerichs!

07/06/22 11:03 AM #129    


James L. (Jim) Beasley (1967)

I played organized baseball from 8 years old until The Peter Principle kicked in at Iowa State, and Mark Oppedal was the best pitcher I ever saw.  Mark was athletic in a quirky and awkward way, which gave him an amazing pick-off move.  He also fell off the mound during his wind-up once, whcih we all enjoyed immensely.

Our demise in '67 came in District.  We kicked Carlisle ---- in the first game, then Saydel did the same to us in the second game.  It was on their field, and we could not hit their hispanic lefty.  Very disappointing end to Urbandale sports for several of us.

Not only did the R&T drop The Big Peach, I saw where they stopped covering High School sports in their Saturday Register, after they disbanded their Iowa reporters.


07/06/22 05:27 PM #130    

Jerry Stuckle (1970)

Every time I've been back to Iowa over the last few years I've been disappointed at what the Register has become.  Not even a ghost of it's original self.  And considering what they charge for a subscription it's almost robbery.

07/07/22 08:32 AM #131    


James L. (Jim) Beasley (1967)

Back in the day, Gordon Gammack was on my paper route.  My brother delivered Morning, evening and Sunday for awhile, so he was up at 4:00, went to school, delivered evenings before 5:00, then did it all over again.  Plus, we had to collect once a week, trying to catch 80 customers at home. 

What a grind!!!

When I started, it was just Evening and Sunday for me.

We hung on for Christmas tips!!!!  Remember that, tips???!!!

As 9, 10, 11 and 12-year-olds, I don't know how we did it.

07/07/22 04:05 PM #132    

Jerry Stuckle (1970)


I am really impressed by your brother's industrialness.  I hd a morning route for two years and that's all I could handle.  No way could I have managed an evening/Sunday route, also.

And having to collect every week?  Every other week was bad enough for me.  It was $0.80 for two seeks of the Register, of which I got somewhere around $0.15 - don't remember how much any more.  But that was good money for a 13 year old in the mid 60's.

07/07/22 05:08 PM #133    

J. Phillip Brewer (1958)

Thank you to all of you "youngsters" who add news and comments to this website.

I am wondering how "we" can get more input from the "parents" who graduated "backsome" in the 60's and 50's---some of us are still around. 

I enjoy your comments about the DM Register and Tribune---I carried papers for both the morning Register and the Evening Tribune between 1952 and 1956 in the area of 32nd to 36th Streets between University and Kingman Blvd in Des Moines.  That was the time when I also had to "collect" money for the subscriptions.  Christmas tips were an absolute thrill.  I finished my "journalistic" career in 1956 and began the grocery business with Thriftway in West Des Moines, Parkview (that may be a wrong name---on Euclid 5 miles east of Urbandate), and at 41st and University.  Safeway took over that grocery chain while I was still a stocker and checker.

I have no idea if these stores are extant!  I have not been in DM since the 50th reunion in 2008.

There are a few of us 58'ers still left.  I hear from Larry Wilson, Dave Rusk, Glen Ferguson, Lloyd Barger and Max Bible on occasion. 

I was not very famous at the school and "city" as I transferred to UHS my senior year from Roosevelt HS. 

Not many people remember this "one-year" addendum.  I was not an athlete outside of the gym class.

I am not familiar with the loss of an Urbandale person referred to in some of the previous messages. News of that tragedy did not reach me years ago. 

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